First Session

Barran the Wizard had gathered Tavros the Warlock, Arathana the Cleric, and Rowan the Fighter to investigate the ruins of an ancient settlement for clues to the precursor civilization that once dominated the region in the ancient past. There were no signs of habitation until several lizardfolk fell upon them in a central chamber.

The adventurers easily overcame the primitive lizardfolk and found a passage that led to what Barran had hoped to find: a large vault with etchings on the walls. It was there that they also made a grisly discovery. The butchered remains of the lizardfolk tribe. Arrows of an unknown make were found in some of he bodies. Designs on some of the arrowheads seemed to be related to the etchings in the chamber. Barran and Tarvos to rubbings of the etchings and made notes. The initial findings seemed to indicate that the ruins were related to the precursor civilization. As for the lizardfolk, their deaths remained a mystery.

Upon returning to East Watch, the party went their separate ways. Arathana returned to Temple of Tyr the to offer up prayers and see to her gear. She found the priest holding court for civil matters. Later that day, she received a summons from Lord Hollis. When Arathana attended him in his chambers, she was asked to seek out a local tax collector who had failed to return from his rounds on the previous day. Arathana agreed to set out the next morning with two of the lord’s soldiers.

Meanwhile, Rowan found his way to the Two Headed Chicken and ran into Donegar Doglen. The well established merchant joined Rowan for an evening of drinking and dice. Donegal commented to Rowan that he had noticed Rowan going out of town with Barran and asked what they had been after. He commented that he is always on the lookout for rare finds that might be worth something. Rowan evaded any commitment.

Barran and Tarvos returned to Barran’s residence to catalog and cross-reference their find with other artifacts and history books. Barran has gained a reputation for being interested in oddities which many of the locals have interpreted with great latitude, as the jar filled with a two headed chicken will attest. But sometimes fate smiles on him as it did this evening. A local farmer and his son arrived at his home with a slab of stone in their back of their cart. The slab had etchings similar to the ones that were in the ruins. The farmer stated that he had found it while digging in his field and it was one part of a larger piece. Tarvos and Barran promised to visit the farm the next day to examine the rest of the slab.

In the morning, Arathana left with the soldier to seek out the missing tax collector while Tarvos and Barran went to the Two Headed Chicken to hire a wagon and teamsters. They were greeted by Rowan who told them that outside parties had commented on Barran’s doings and cautioned them against hiring others. The three of them headed out to the farm to examine the stone before moving it.

Arathana visited several farms only encountering harsh words about the tax collector but not finding the man himself. She met up with Rowan, Barran, and Tarvos at the farmstead where the stone lay. Although it was mid morning, they did not see the farmer working his field. Barran and his companions went out into the field to look for the stone while the the cleric and her guard approached the farm house.

Crows were circling in the field and it was there the warlock, the wizard, and the warrior found the bloodly remains of the farmer next to a large whole where the stone slab had lain. At the same time, the cleric found the butcher remains of the farmer’s family.

As the scene came to and end, Barran, Tarvos, and Rowan looked at a serpentine trail leading out of the field.

So that was our first official session. Despite the technical difficulties, I think it went quite well. I had a great time although I was nervous about running. I’ve been a player more than a GM.

As for some self-critique:

  • I have to be careful not to railroad and not just have one direction for things to go.
  • I need to make sure I incorporate more of your character background into the overall story.

If there is anything you can think of to help me improve, things you want to see in the game, please let me know.

I’m going to go back to the first post and add Blake’s character info there to make sure it is complete. Also now that all the characters have names, I’m going to add the PCs to the character section of this site.

I’m planning on using this site for game discussion and to keep the information on the campaign while Roll20 is just going to be used for playing.

I took some time this morning to play around with the the tokens and character sheets and found out why you couldn’t move the tokens around. I also found some other pictures that could be used for tokens, as well a creating some NPC character sheets and understanding how the character sheets and the tokens interact. I also understand how the attack rolls were working when they would roll 2d20 (it was what we thought, that it was rolling as though there was adv or dis and you would take the higher or the lower of the two depending on the situation or just read the 1st number if it is a regular attack. I also added some dice roll macros to the screen for everyone to use.

Once again, I had a great time and I’m looking forward to the second session.


NiallNai NiallNai

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