Fourth Session

The Cult of the Spiral

Having learned all they can about Hernen’s warehouse and discovering the tunnels under the city, Arathana, Barran, and Rowan gathered the supplies to explore the tunnels. They entered the sewers with a guardsman.

They found their way to a balcony that looked out over a large chamber. The chamber held nearly 10 people, four of which appeared to be captives as they were chained to the ground. The yellow spiral was painted on the walls.

The adventurers sprung into action. Arathana blessed them and Barran cast a spell that put several of the captors to sleep. Rowan and Arathana sent bolts and arrows at those that were still awake. Two more figures emerged from the shadows. A robed woman with serpentine features and a large figure with the upper body of a man and the tail of a snake – a Yuan-ti warrior.

Once again, Barran put his magic to good use and ensorcelled the robed figure, asking her to command the others to stand down. The Yuan-ti warrior became enraged and struck the robed woman down, bellowing for the attack to continue.

During the ensuing fight, several of the cultists were cut down and the warrior was driven off but not before the guardsman was slain and Rowan was injured.

The remaining cultist were taken captive and the villagers were freed. Among the cultists belongings, the other section of the farmer’s stone tablet was found.

Sorry for the delay in writing this up. Work and life really caught me up for the last two weeks.


NiallNai NiallNai

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