Second Session

Knives in the Dark

In the time that followed that bloody discovery at the farm, Arathana had brought back the dead to East Watch for proper burial rites. Lord Hollis released her from her duty to find the tax collector, assuming that the same fate had befallen the him.

Meanwhile, Rowan returned to his life of drinking and gambling and was often joined by Donegar Doglen. Rowan told Donegar of the horrors at the farm when the dwarf commented on his demeanor. When the fighter asked him if he knew of anyone who would do such a thing, Donegar was at a loss. Rowan also sought information on the lizardfolk and learned that they often used lizards as pack animals but this did not account for the size of the tracks at the farmstead.

Barran returned to his studies after noting that the tracks seemed to lead in the same direction as the lizardfolk encampment they had encountered several days before the farmstead massacre. Even so, this act of violence seemed uncharacteristic of the primitive tribesmen who usually poached animals from the local farms.

Arathana approached Barran to make sense of the situation and together they decided to attempt to track the killers to their encampment. They decided to enlist the aid of Rowan, as well as find a tracker to lead them into the wild. Arathana and Barran set off to find Rowan at his favorite watering hole, The Two Headed Chicken.

Rowan was enjoying another evening at the tavern with Donegar when Donegar drunkenly announced that he was leaving and asked Donegar to accompany him. Rowan declined and watched his drinking companion swagger out of the ale house and noticed two cloaked figures leave shortly there after. Sensing some sort of wrong doing, the fighter quickly followed the figures. Rowan followed the pair as they appeared to be following Doglin. When he turned the corner, Rowan saw Doglin relieving himself against the side of the building and the two figures quietly approached the dwarf with daggers drawn.

Rowan attempted to scare the cutthroats but they were set to their purpose. One turned to face the fighter while the other attacked Doglin. Rowan easily parried his attacker’s strike and gave a vicious riposte. Doglin attempted to defend himself and paid for it with a cut on his forearm.

As Barran and Arathana approached the tavern, they heard the sounds of fighting and came upon Rowan and Doglin as the two fought a pair of cloaked figures. Arathana immediately engaged Doglin’s attacker while Barran attempted to subdue Rowan’s attacker with a charm spell. The pain and anger from Rowan’s attack allowed the cutthroat to shake off Barran’s enchantment. Barran shifted his attention to Arathana’s foe after ill luck caused her to miss her attack. Rowan struck down his opponent with another thrust while Barran took out the second cutthroat by unleashing a hail of magical darts.

While gravely injured, the attackers still lived and Arathana saw to the worst of their injures so that they could be questioned and brought to justice. After savagely cursing and kicking his assailants, Donegar stated that the men worked for another merchant by the name of Hernen. Donegar changed his tune and noted that this must have been a simple misunderstanding. Barran left to find a guard while Arathana brought one of the men to the garrison to be jailed. As she dragged him away, the man yelled, “The time of reckoning is at hand!”

When Barran returned with a guard the second man cursed them, saying, “Soon, all men shall meet their fate and you will be devoured over a thousand years.” Rowan escorted the guard and their captive to the garrison after Doglin admitted that it was not like Hernen’s men to get religion.

At the garrison, Rowan and Arathana discussed the evening events and decided to learn the reason for the attack on Doglin. When the guard escorted Rowan the cell, they discovered both men lying in a pool of their own blood, having torn each other’s throats out. Upon examining the bodies, they found that each man had a spiral scar on their right forearms.

Upon returning to his workshop, Barran discovered an uninvited guest in the middle of attempting to steal the tablet that was found at the farmstead. The cloaked intruder threw a dart which struck Barran and immediately turned into a snake. Barran evoked a barrage of magical darts on the figure, knocking it prone. With his staff in hand, he approached the fallen figure. Upon prodding the figure, the intruder sprung into action, spraying forth a green mist. The mist failed to harm Barran who unleashed another magical attack, grabbed the tablet, fled his workshop to find the town guard.

Barran returned to his shop to find the intruder gone and nothing else had been taken. From there, he joined Arathana and Rowan at the Garrison and learned of their grisly discovery while telling them of the events at his shop. The spiral symbol reminded Barran of something familiar and Arathan and Rowan saw the same symbol on the tablet that he held in his hands.

The companions decided that it would be best to bring the tablet to the chapel and remain there before deciding what to do next. After gather some resources, Rowan, Barran and Arathana returned to the chapel.

In the next few days, Barran managed to learn that the spiral symbol seemed to be related to a dark religious sect from the precursor civilization that had arisen several thousand years ago. While some research among the lizardfolk made mention of a lost tribe that had fallen into darkness. The etchings from the lizardfolk burial chamber mentioned a map room in the palace while the stone tablet referred to the temple where the dark cult first appeared.

Arathana scoured the religious texts of the chapel and found that a cult using the spiral as their symbol had risen several times in the past and had been quickly put down.

Rowan searched the marketplace for word of cloaked stranger but found none. A short while later, he found a snake, immobile after gorging on a rat, lying in an alley. Soon another snake slithered by. Noting when a coincidence is not a coincidence, the fighter followed the snake to a warehouse. As he returned to the chapel to report his find, Rowan came upon the spiral symbol upon the side of a building. Circling to the front of the building, he found that it was Barran’s workshop that had been marked.

As they pooled their resources, the three decided to approach Doglin about the warehouse. Doglin told them that it belonged to Hernen. While he never knew Hernen to be other than what he was…a…ahem, merchant…his curiosity was aroused and he agreed to help them find out what was going on in the warehouse and he knew just the person to do it.

And with that, our second session came to a close and everyone rose to 2nd Level. Like I said, I think the online character sheets will probably make all the adjustments that you need at the moment, with the exception of hit points. Please make sure to check your class and see if there are any class abilities that kick in at 2nd as well as checking to see if you get more spell slots.

Thank you for a great night. I enjoyed myself immensely. I’m glad that there were a few surprises for you and there were a few for me as well.

Again, please let me know if there are things that you want to see in the game.

Things for me to work on include:

  • Getting some of those token selections out to you.
  • Making sure the tokens all work properly.

Have a great week!


NiallNai NiallNai

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