Session Five

The Cult and The Coin

Tarvos returned to East Watch after following a promising lead about his mother that turned to ash. He sought out his companions at the Two Headed Chicken, Barran’s shop, and, finally found them at the Temple of Tyr.

Barran, Rowan, and Arathana, recently returned from the sewers and hidden chamber, told Tarvos what had come to pass during his absence. Barran and Arathana also told Tarvos of the strangers that they had encountered and the coin that they had given them to pass along to Tarvos.

The group set to work with Barran and Tarvos deciphering the other half of the tablet and Rowan and Arathana questioning the prisoners.

Tablet referred to a great being, a demon god, named Yig and how Yig worship arose in the precursor empire and that, at the first temple of it’s worship, Yig/Not Yig lies dreaming. The first half of the tablet found at the farmer’s homestead refers to a map room in the old empire which can point to the location of the first temple.

Rowan and Arathana learn that all the cultists have been changed. Some have patches of scales, others have serpent eyes. They learned that each of them had been chosen to undergo the ritual because they were special. The two adventurer’s also learned that the Yuan-ti were seeking the temple of their god.

The adventurers decided their next course of action was to make sure the they had learned everything they could about the cult. With the help of the city watch, they led an assault on the warehouse and dispatched several more cultists. Here, they found a tunnel that led back to the underground chamber where they had faced the cult and another passage that led outside the walls and tracks leading north.

Examining the belongings of the priestess, they found several magic items, as well as a map with several locations marked with an “X”. One seeming to match the location of the map room. The adventurers decided that their next course of action was to find the map room.

As they poured over the magical items, Barran also took out the coin given to them by the stranger. After examining it for several minutes, Tarvos reached out and took up the coin.

It was great to have the whole group together again. I’m looking forward to the next session.


NiallNai NiallNai

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