Session Six

Into the Wilderness

Tarvos picked up the coin and disappeared. No sound, no smoke, no eldritch energies. He was there one moment then he wasn’t. Some of his companions were startled by his sudden disappearance but not surprised at the outcome. Without knowing where he went, the adventurers saw that their only course of action would be to continue with their plan.

They gathered their belongings and supplies and went out into the wilderness to follow the trail left by the Yuan-ti. They headed north and soon found the remains of a camp. The tracks suggested that the Yuan-ti had encountered the lizardfolk and some sort of conflict had ensued. All that remained was a lizard-skin satchel which contained a map and a talisman. The map showed the a path that led off far to the east past the mountains. The talisman was made of some kind of silvery metal with a yellow stone at its center and divinatory magic emanated from it.

While examining the talisman, the companions did not notice the lizardfolk approach from the brush around them. One of their number approached. Rowan spoke with them and in the ensuing conversation the lizardfolk agreed to lead them to the ruins they sought.

Rowan, Barran, and Arathana found the mouth of the cave was marked with Abyssal writing. They entered the cave and found a passage way that branched off in opposite directions. One passage appeared to be recently used and led to a large chamber.

Once in the large chamber, the three adventurers were set upon by several skeletons. The skeletons were slow but fierce, harming the heroes. They were driven off by Arathana’s prayers and then destroyed. The skirmish awoke something deep within the chamber. A guardian naga circled the trio after freezing Barran in place. It ranted and raved, calling them intruders and interlopers, demanding to know why they had trespassed. When Rowan told it of the Yuan-ti, the naga flew into a rage and shattered stone. The adventurers offered to lead the serpent people to the naga so that it could exact it’s revenge. The naga accepted their offer and sent the adventurers forth.

As the three reached the surfaced, they realized that they now had to figure out how to lead the Yuan-ti back to the mad naga.

It was a good session last night. Definitely not the way I expected it to end. I’m glad I get to be surprised too.

I think I figured out kinda what was going on with the buttons. It seems that whoever created the character sheet made it so that some of the buttons on the sheet work with a token. So if you don’t have the token highlighted, the button won’t work. At least, that is what it seemed after I played around with it a bit this morning.


NiallNai NiallNai

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