Third Session

Sewers & Strangers

Barran and Arathana sought to gather more information on Hernen and his business. Arathana approached the captain of the guard to learn of possible weaknesses in the town’s defenses. The captain, Micah, tells her that the docks are the weakest point of entry for the city since it is hard to seal off. Arathana also learns that the sewers empty into the river at the docks and there are several grates that lead to the sewers.

Meanwhile, Barran sought to learn if the path that Rowan’s snake took was a coincidence. He spotted a snake and followed it to a sewer grate, where it then reared up and looked around, as though to make sure it’s path was not noted.

It was at that moment that Barran realized he was being followed by a mountain of a man in strange garb. When noticed, the man smiled broadly at him. Barran attempted to elude the man and ducked down an alley. When he emerged onto the main thoroughfare, Barran saw another stranger…a smaller man, also dressed in strange garb…who gave Barran an almost manic grin. Barran ducked through several shops and taverns in his attempt to evade the men and seemed to shake the strangers.

When Arathana and Barran reunited in the Two Headed Chicken, they shared what had transpired and decided to learn if others had seen the strangers. In their travels, the saw Donegar Doglen who tells them that his man who went to check on Hernen’s operation learned that Hernen has not been seen in some time and that there is very little actual work going on at the warehouse. Workers have gone in but not come out. He also learned that the families of the two men that had attacked him had also gone missing.

Arathana and Barran sought an entrance to the sewers and found a way by approaching Godric, the ratcatcher. The eccentric man was able to lead the two into the sewers but the two felt it was best to take the safer path and return with reinforcements. As they were leaving, they heard chanting coming from one of the passageways.

Once above ground, they sought to wash off the muck. As they did so, the two strangers approached them and greeted them gleefully. The tall one, Gregory, asked them about Tarvos and sought their assistance in locating him. The smaller man, Edwin, asked Barran and Arathana to give Tarvos a silver coin, then departed.

Barran and Arathan returned to Barran’s workshop and learned that the coin held a divination enchantment which seemed key to Tarvos. They were filled with concern over these new players and locked the coin away.

I’m sorry for the disjointed feeling of the session. It was definitely not what I had planned but considering John had a field trip on Saturday, it seemed to fill the time.

I have to set up the next session date. As I said on Friday, my anniversary is on the Monday after what would usually be the weekend we play.


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