Session Six
Into the Wilderness

Tarvos picked up the coin and disappeared. No sound, no smoke, no eldritch energies. He was there one moment then he wasn’t. Some of his companions were startled by his sudden disappearance but not surprised at the outcome. Without knowing where he went, the adventurers saw that their only course of action would be to continue with their plan.

They gathered their belongings and supplies and went out into the wilderness to follow the trail left by the Yuan-ti. They headed north and soon found the remains of a camp. The tracks suggested that the Yuan-ti had encountered the lizardfolk and some sort of conflict had ensued. All that remained was a lizard-skin satchel which contained a map and a talisman. The map showed the a path that led off far to the east past the mountains. The talisman was made of some kind of silvery metal with a yellow stone at its center and divinatory magic emanated from it.

While examining the talisman, the companions did not notice the lizardfolk approach from the brush around them. One of their number approached. Rowan spoke with them and in the ensuing conversation the lizardfolk agreed to lead them to the ruins they sought.

Rowan, Barran, and Arathana found the mouth of the cave was marked with Abyssal writing. They entered the cave and found a passage way that branched off in opposite directions. One passage appeared to be recently used and led to a large chamber.

Once in the large chamber, the three adventurers were set upon by several skeletons. The skeletons were slow but fierce, harming the heroes. They were driven off by Arathana’s prayers and then destroyed. The skirmish awoke something deep within the chamber. A guardian naga circled the trio after freezing Barran in place. It ranted and raved, calling them intruders and interlopers, demanding to know why they had trespassed. When Rowan told it of the Yuan-ti, the naga flew into a rage and shattered stone. The adventurers offered to lead the serpent people to the naga so that it could exact it’s revenge. The naga accepted their offer and sent the adventurers forth.

As the three reached the surfaced, they realized that they now had to figure out how to lead the Yuan-ti back to the mad naga.

It was a good session last night. Definitely not the way I expected it to end. I’m glad I get to be surprised too.

I think I figured out kinda what was going on with the buttons. It seems that whoever created the character sheet made it so that some of the buttons on the sheet work with a token. So if you don’t have the token highlighted, the button won’t work. At least, that is what it seemed after I played around with it a bit this morning.

Session Five
The Cult and The Coin

Tarvos returned to East Watch after following a promising lead about his mother that turned to ash. He sought out his companions at the Two Headed Chicken, Barran’s shop, and, finally found them at the Temple of Tyr.

Barran, Rowan, and Arathana, recently returned from the sewers and hidden chamber, told Tarvos what had come to pass during his absence. Barran and Arathana also told Tarvos of the strangers that they had encountered and the coin that they had given them to pass along to Tarvos.

The group set to work with Barran and Tarvos deciphering the other half of the tablet and Rowan and Arathana questioning the prisoners.

Tablet referred to a great being, a demon god, named Yig and how Yig worship arose in the precursor empire and that, at the first temple of it’s worship, Yig/Not Yig lies dreaming. The first half of the tablet found at the farmer’s homestead refers to a map room in the old empire which can point to the location of the first temple.

Rowan and Arathana learn that all the cultists have been changed. Some have patches of scales, others have serpent eyes. They learned that each of them had been chosen to undergo the ritual because they were special. The two adventurer’s also learned that the Yuan-ti were seeking the temple of their god.

The adventurers decided their next course of action was to make sure the they had learned everything they could about the cult. With the help of the city watch, they led an assault on the warehouse and dispatched several more cultists. Here, they found a tunnel that led back to the underground chamber where they had faced the cult and another passage that led outside the walls and tracks leading north.

Examining the belongings of the priestess, they found several magic items, as well as a map with several locations marked with an “X”. One seeming to match the location of the map room. The adventurers decided that their next course of action was to find the map room.

As they poured over the magical items, Barran also took out the coin given to them by the stranger. After examining it for several minutes, Tarvos reached out and took up the coin.

It was great to have the whole group together again. I’m looking forward to the next session.

Fourth Session
The Cult of the Spiral

Having learned all they can about Hernen’s warehouse and discovering the tunnels under the city, Arathana, Barran, and Rowan gathered the supplies to explore the tunnels. They entered the sewers with a guardsman.

They found their way to a balcony that looked out over a large chamber. The chamber held nearly 10 people, four of which appeared to be captives as they were chained to the ground. The yellow spiral was painted on the walls.

The adventurers sprung into action. Arathana blessed them and Barran cast a spell that put several of the captors to sleep. Rowan and Arathana sent bolts and arrows at those that were still awake. Two more figures emerged from the shadows. A robed woman with serpentine features and a large figure with the upper body of a man and the tail of a snake – a Yuan-ti warrior.

Once again, Barran put his magic to good use and ensorcelled the robed figure, asking her to command the others to stand down. The Yuan-ti warrior became enraged and struck the robed woman down, bellowing for the attack to continue.

During the ensuing fight, several of the cultists were cut down and the warrior was driven off but not before the guardsman was slain and Rowan was injured.

The remaining cultist were taken captive and the villagers were freed. Among the cultists belongings, the other section of the farmer’s stone tablet was found.

Sorry for the delay in writing this up. Work and life really caught me up for the last two weeks.

Third Session
Sewers & Strangers

Barran and Arathana sought to gather more information on Hernen and his business. Arathana approached the captain of the guard to learn of possible weaknesses in the town’s defenses. The captain, Micah, tells her that the docks are the weakest point of entry for the city since it is hard to seal off. Arathana also learns that the sewers empty into the river at the docks and there are several grates that lead to the sewers.

Meanwhile, Barran sought to learn if the path that Rowan’s snake took was a coincidence. He spotted a snake and followed it to a sewer grate, where it then reared up and looked around, as though to make sure it’s path was not noted.

It was at that moment that Barran realized he was being followed by a mountain of a man in strange garb. When noticed, the man smiled broadly at him. Barran attempted to elude the man and ducked down an alley. When he emerged onto the main thoroughfare, Barran saw another stranger…a smaller man, also dressed in strange garb…who gave Barran an almost manic grin. Barran ducked through several shops and taverns in his attempt to evade the men and seemed to shake the strangers.

When Arathana and Barran reunited in the Two Headed Chicken, they shared what had transpired and decided to learn if others had seen the strangers. In their travels, the saw Donegar Doglen who tells them that his man who went to check on Hernen’s operation learned that Hernen has not been seen in some time and that there is very little actual work going on at the warehouse. Workers have gone in but not come out. He also learned that the families of the two men that had attacked him had also gone missing.

Arathana and Barran sought an entrance to the sewers and found a way by approaching Godric, the ratcatcher. The eccentric man was able to lead the two into the sewers but the two felt it was best to take the safer path and return with reinforcements. As they were leaving, they heard chanting coming from one of the passageways.

Once above ground, they sought to wash off the muck. As they did so, the two strangers approached them and greeted them gleefully. The tall one, Gregory, asked them about Tarvos and sought their assistance in locating him. The smaller man, Edwin, asked Barran and Arathana to give Tarvos a silver coin, then departed.

Barran and Arathan returned to Barran’s workshop and learned that the coin held a divination enchantment which seemed key to Tarvos. They were filled with concern over these new players and locked the coin away.

I’m sorry for the disjointed feeling of the session. It was definitely not what I had planned but considering John had a field trip on Saturday, it seemed to fill the time.

I have to set up the next session date. As I said on Friday, my anniversary is on the Monday after what would usually be the weekend we play.

Third Session Prep
I Want To Try Something...

Hello everyone,
I wanted to give something a try for next session.

At the end of the last session, you had spoken with Donegar about having a man gather information on Hernen’s warehouse.

I have one thing that you all learn: That there are underground passageways underneath the warehouse that Hernen has used for smuggling in the past.

Now your characters have some time in game between when you approach Donegar and when we will pick up the next session.

So, I will start a pool of dice that can be used in relation with the events at Hernen’s warehouse. You can use the dice on attack rolls, skill rolls, etc, to represent your planning and preparation…since I kinda imagine that there will be some sort of infiltration of the warehouse at some point.

You can earn dice by telling me what you learn have learned about the warehouse.

For example, if you of you had said that there were underground passageways under the warehouse, I would have added one die to the pool.

So all you have to do is tell me what you learned and where you learned it from and a die will be added to the pool. If someone is ambitious enough to draw a map, that would be worth 4 or 5 dice.

Now for every three dice you earn, I get a Complication Point, which I can use to change something in the environment. Something that may you may have thought is true might change, or I might add something else entirely.

You can email your ideas or reply in comments here.

Second Session
Knives in the Dark

In the time that followed that bloody discovery at the farm, Arathana had brought back the dead to East Watch for proper burial rites. Lord Hollis released her from her duty to find the tax collector, assuming that the same fate had befallen the him.

Meanwhile, Rowan returned to his life of drinking and gambling and was often joined by Donegar Doglen. Rowan told Donegar of the horrors at the farm when the dwarf commented on his demeanor. When the fighter asked him if he knew of anyone who would do such a thing, Donegar was at a loss. Rowan also sought information on the lizardfolk and learned that they often used lizards as pack animals but this did not account for the size of the tracks at the farmstead.

Barran returned to his studies after noting that the tracks seemed to lead in the same direction as the lizardfolk encampment they had encountered several days before the farmstead massacre. Even so, this act of violence seemed uncharacteristic of the primitive tribesmen who usually poached animals from the local farms.

Arathana approached Barran to make sense of the situation and together they decided to attempt to track the killers to their encampment. They decided to enlist the aid of Rowan, as well as find a tracker to lead them into the wild. Arathana and Barran set off to find Rowan at his favorite watering hole, The Two Headed Chicken.

Rowan was enjoying another evening at the tavern with Donegar when Donegar drunkenly announced that he was leaving and asked Donegar to accompany him. Rowan declined and watched his drinking companion swagger out of the ale house and noticed two cloaked figures leave shortly there after. Sensing some sort of wrong doing, the fighter quickly followed the figures. Rowan followed the pair as they appeared to be following Doglin. When he turned the corner, Rowan saw Doglin relieving himself against the side of the building and the two figures quietly approached the dwarf with daggers drawn.

Rowan attempted to scare the cutthroats but they were set to their purpose. One turned to face the fighter while the other attacked Doglin. Rowan easily parried his attacker’s strike and gave a vicious riposte. Doglin attempted to defend himself and paid for it with a cut on his forearm.

As Barran and Arathana approached the tavern, they heard the sounds of fighting and came upon Rowan and Doglin as the two fought a pair of cloaked figures. Arathana immediately engaged Doglin’s attacker while Barran attempted to subdue Rowan’s attacker with a charm spell. The pain and anger from Rowan’s attack allowed the cutthroat to shake off Barran’s enchantment. Barran shifted his attention to Arathana’s foe after ill luck caused her to miss her attack. Rowan struck down his opponent with another thrust while Barran took out the second cutthroat by unleashing a hail of magical darts.

While gravely injured, the attackers still lived and Arathana saw to the worst of their injures so that they could be questioned and brought to justice. After savagely cursing and kicking his assailants, Donegar stated that the men worked for another merchant by the name of Hernen. Donegar changed his tune and noted that this must have been a simple misunderstanding. Barran left to find a guard while Arathana brought one of the men to the garrison to be jailed. As she dragged him away, the man yelled, “The time of reckoning is at hand!”

When Barran returned with a guard the second man cursed them, saying, “Soon, all men shall meet their fate and you will be devoured over a thousand years.” Rowan escorted the guard and their captive to the garrison after Doglin admitted that it was not like Hernen’s men to get religion.

At the garrison, Rowan and Arathana discussed the evening events and decided to learn the reason for the attack on Doglin. When the guard escorted Rowan the cell, they discovered both men lying in a pool of their own blood, having torn each other’s throats out. Upon examining the bodies, they found that each man had a spiral scar on their right forearms.

Upon returning to his workshop, Barran discovered an uninvited guest in the middle of attempting to steal the tablet that was found at the farmstead. The cloaked intruder threw a dart which struck Barran and immediately turned into a snake. Barran evoked a barrage of magical darts on the figure, knocking it prone. With his staff in hand, he approached the fallen figure. Upon prodding the figure, the intruder sprung into action, spraying forth a green mist. The mist failed to harm Barran who unleashed another magical attack, grabbed the tablet, fled his workshop to find the town guard.

Barran returned to his shop to find the intruder gone and nothing else had been taken. From there, he joined Arathana and Rowan at the Garrison and learned of their grisly discovery while telling them of the events at his shop. The spiral symbol reminded Barran of something familiar and Arathan and Rowan saw the same symbol on the tablet that he held in his hands.

The companions decided that it would be best to bring the tablet to the chapel and remain there before deciding what to do next. After gather some resources, Rowan, Barran and Arathana returned to the chapel.

In the next few days, Barran managed to learn that the spiral symbol seemed to be related to a dark religious sect from the precursor civilization that had arisen several thousand years ago. While some research among the lizardfolk made mention of a lost tribe that had fallen into darkness. The etchings from the lizardfolk burial chamber mentioned a map room in the palace while the stone tablet referred to the temple where the dark cult first appeared.

Arathana scoured the religious texts of the chapel and found that a cult using the spiral as their symbol had risen several times in the past and had been quickly put down.

Rowan searched the marketplace for word of cloaked stranger but found none. A short while later, he found a snake, immobile after gorging on a rat, lying in an alley. Soon another snake slithered by. Noting when a coincidence is not a coincidence, the fighter followed the snake to a warehouse. As he returned to the chapel to report his find, Rowan came upon the spiral symbol upon the side of a building. Circling to the front of the building, he found that it was Barran’s workshop that had been marked.

As they pooled their resources, the three decided to approach Doglin about the warehouse. Doglin told them that it belonged to Hernen. While he never knew Hernen to be other than what he was…a…ahem, merchant…his curiosity was aroused and he agreed to help them find out what was going on in the warehouse and he knew just the person to do it.

And with that, our second session came to a close and everyone rose to 2nd Level. Like I said, I think the online character sheets will probably make all the adjustments that you need at the moment, with the exception of hit points. Please make sure to check your class and see if there are any class abilities that kick in at 2nd as well as checking to see if you get more spell slots.

Thank you for a great night. I enjoyed myself immensely. I’m glad that there were a few surprises for you and there were a few for me as well.

Again, please let me know if there are things that you want to see in the game.

Things for me to work on include:

  • Getting some of those token selections out to you.
  • Making sure the tokens all work properly.

Have a great week!

First Session

Barran the Wizard had gathered Tavros the Warlock, Arathana the Cleric, and Rowan the Fighter to investigate the ruins of an ancient settlement for clues to the precursor civilization that once dominated the region in the ancient past. There were no signs of habitation until several lizardfolk fell upon them in a central chamber.

The adventurers easily overcame the primitive lizardfolk and found a passage that led to what Barran had hoped to find: a large vault with etchings on the walls. It was there that they also made a grisly discovery. The butchered remains of the lizardfolk tribe. Arrows of an unknown make were found in some of he bodies. Designs on some of the arrowheads seemed to be related to the etchings in the chamber. Barran and Tarvos to rubbings of the etchings and made notes. The initial findings seemed to indicate that the ruins were related to the precursor civilization. As for the lizardfolk, their deaths remained a mystery.

Upon returning to East Watch, the party went their separate ways. Arathana returned to Temple of Tyr the to offer up prayers and see to her gear. She found the priest holding court for civil matters. Later that day, she received a summons from Lord Hollis. When Arathana attended him in his chambers, she was asked to seek out a local tax collector who had failed to return from his rounds on the previous day. Arathana agreed to set out the next morning with two of the lord’s soldiers.

Meanwhile, Rowan found his way to the Two Headed Chicken and ran into Donegar Doglen. The well established merchant joined Rowan for an evening of drinking and dice. Donegal commented to Rowan that he had noticed Rowan going out of town with Barran and asked what they had been after. He commented that he is always on the lookout for rare finds that might be worth something. Rowan evaded any commitment.

Barran and Tarvos returned to Barran’s residence to catalog and cross-reference their find with other artifacts and history books. Barran has gained a reputation for being interested in oddities which many of the locals have interpreted with great latitude, as the jar filled with a two headed chicken will attest. But sometimes fate smiles on him as it did this evening. A local farmer and his son arrived at his home with a slab of stone in their back of their cart. The slab had etchings similar to the ones that were in the ruins. The farmer stated that he had found it while digging in his field and it was one part of a larger piece. Tarvos and Barran promised to visit the farm the next day to examine the rest of the slab.

In the morning, Arathana left with the soldier to seek out the missing tax collector while Tarvos and Barran went to the Two Headed Chicken to hire a wagon and teamsters. They were greeted by Rowan who told them that outside parties had commented on Barran’s doings and cautioned them against hiring others. The three of them headed out to the farm to examine the stone before moving it.

Arathana visited several farms only encountering harsh words about the tax collector but not finding the man himself. She met up with Rowan, Barran, and Tarvos at the farmstead where the stone lay. Although it was mid morning, they did not see the farmer working his field. Barran and his companions went out into the field to look for the stone while the the cleric and her guard approached the farm house.

Crows were circling in the field and it was there the warlock, the wizard, and the warrior found the bloodly remains of the farmer next to a large whole where the stone slab had lain. At the same time, the cleric found the butcher remains of the farmer’s family.

As the scene came to and end, Barran, Tarvos, and Rowan looked at a serpentine trail leading out of the field.

So that was our first official session. Despite the technical difficulties, I think it went quite well. I had a great time although I was nervous about running. I’ve been a player more than a GM.

As for some self-critique:

  • I have to be careful not to railroad and not just have one direction for things to go.
  • I need to make sure I incorporate more of your character background into the overall story.

If there is anything you can think of to help me improve, things you want to see in the game, please let me know.

I’m going to go back to the first post and add Blake’s character info there to make sure it is complete. Also now that all the characters have names, I’m going to add the PCs to the character section of this site.

I’m planning on using this site for game discussion and to keep the information on the campaign while Roll20 is just going to be used for playing.

I took some time this morning to play around with the the tokens and character sheets and found out why you couldn’t move the tokens around. I also found some other pictures that could be used for tokens, as well a creating some NPC character sheets and understanding how the character sheets and the tokens interact. I also understand how the attack rolls were working when they would roll 2d20 (it was what we thought, that it was rolling as though there was adv or dis and you would take the higher or the lower of the two depending on the situation or just read the 1st number if it is a regular attack. I also added some dice roll macros to the screen for everyone to use.

Once again, I had a great time and I’m looking forward to the second session.

Setting & Character Creation

Here is a recap of what we accomplished last night.

  • We determined that the start of the campaign would be based in the town of East Watch.
  • It is on the edge of untamed land which may have the remnants of previous civilizations.
  • East Watch is currently threatened by lizardfolk.

The player characters are composed of (If I state anything incorrectly, please let me know):

  • A human wizard who is an established resident of the East Watch. He was drawn to East Watch by the hints of forgotten civilizations and the artifacts that may remain.
  • A human cleric of Tyr, the god of justice and war, who has recently arrived in East Watch to take up residency in the shrine as her first appointment and has taken up the role of chaplain to the garrison, as well as acting as judge to the community.
  • A half-elf fighter who has come to East Watch to prove himself to a father who was a renowned warrior, but is drawn to less honorable pursuits.
  • A tiefling warlock in search of his mother who disappeared in the wilds of East Watch and on the run from the mysterious Lady.

I really like the setup for the characters. Just enough backstory to provide hooks for the characters but still plenty of space to learn about the characters as we go along.

If there are other qualities or aspects of your character that you want in the mix, make sure you let us know.

I thought things went well and it does give a good start for our first session. The only downside was the technical issues I had but once I turned off my video feeds and went audio only, it was smooth.

We are aiming to have our 1st gaming session on Saturday, January 31st at 8:15pm.

Somethings to do prior to that time include:

  • Name your characters and create PC tokens on Roll20.
  • Finishing the map (my job)
  • For Blake to make up his character
  • At our next session, I also want you to choose character bonds, of which I have a list under journal in Roll20. I’ll go over them then but it should take too long. It’s something to tie you guys together as a group.
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