Setting & Character Creation

Here is a recap of what we accomplished last night.

  • We determined that the start of the campaign would be based in the town of East Watch.
  • It is on the edge of untamed land which may have the remnants of previous civilizations.
  • East Watch is currently threatened by lizardfolk.

The player characters are composed of (If I state anything incorrectly, please let me know):

  • A human wizard who is an established resident of the East Watch. He was drawn to East Watch by the hints of forgotten civilizations and the artifacts that may remain.
  • A human cleric of Tyr, the god of justice and war, who has recently arrived in East Watch to take up residency in the shrine as her first appointment and has taken up the role of chaplain to the garrison, as well as acting as judge to the community.
  • A half-elf fighter who has come to East Watch to prove himself to a father who was a renowned warrior, but is drawn to less honorable pursuits.
  • A tiefling warlock in search of his mother who disappeared in the wilds of East Watch and on the run from the mysterious Lady.

I really like the setup for the characters. Just enough backstory to provide hooks for the characters but still plenty of space to learn about the characters as we go along.

If there are other qualities or aspects of your character that you want in the mix, make sure you let us know.

I thought things went well and it does give a good start for our first session. The only downside was the technical issues I had but once I turned off my video feeds and went audio only, it was smooth.

We are aiming to have our 1st gaming session on Saturday, January 31st at 8:15pm.

Somethings to do prior to that time include:

  • Name your characters and create PC tokens on Roll20.
  • Finishing the map (my job)
  • For Blake to make up his character
  • At our next session, I also want you to choose character bonds, of which I have a list under journal in Roll20. I’ll go over them then but it should take too long. It’s something to tie you guys together as a group.


NiallNai NiallNai

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