Third Session Prep

I Want To Try Something...

Hello everyone,
I wanted to give something a try for next session.

At the end of the last session, you had spoken with Donegar about having a man gather information on Hernen’s warehouse.

I have one thing that you all learn: That there are underground passageways underneath the warehouse that Hernen has used for smuggling in the past.

Now your characters have some time in game between when you approach Donegar and when we will pick up the next session.

So, I will start a pool of dice that can be used in relation with the events at Hernen’s warehouse. You can use the dice on attack rolls, skill rolls, etc, to represent your planning and preparation…since I kinda imagine that there will be some sort of infiltration of the warehouse at some point.

You can earn dice by telling me what you learn have learned about the warehouse.

For example, if you of you had said that there were underground passageways under the warehouse, I would have added one die to the pool.

So all you have to do is tell me what you learned and where you learned it from and a die will be added to the pool. If someone is ambitious enough to draw a map, that would be worth 4 or 5 dice.

Now for every three dice you earn, I get a Complication Point, which I can use to change something in the environment. Something that may you may have thought is true might change, or I might add something else entirely.

You can email your ideas or reply in comments here.


NiallNai NiallNai

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